Höganäs offers sponge and atomized iron powder for Grain Refining, Stainless Steel Cutting, Steel Melting, Aluminium and welding applications. All their solutions are designed around specific chemistries, densities, particle sizes and surface conditions to ensure fitness for purpose and improved performance.

Power of Powder

Metal powder offers entirely new possibilities to create more effective, lighter products with a reduced environmental impact. By combining the right alloy with a suitable morphology of the powder grains, new opportunities open up to match your challenges. Metal powders are traditionally used to manufacture sintered components for vehicles. But there is a lot more to them. By fortifying food with elemental iron, anaemia can be reduced. By coating with nickel, glass bottle production life is prolonged with wear and temperature resistance. By employing new iron based powders, high temperature brazing of heat exchangers is possible. By utilising the three dimensional magnetic flux of encapsulated metal powders, smaller electrical motors can now be produced. And so on. In fact, the possibilities of metal powder technology are almost endless.

Hoganas Offer CAI Iron Powder, Iron Powder for Grin Refining.